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Man City retired by 15 points, most expensive debuts day after transfer

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Manchester City is again 15 points ahead of the city`s rival after `citizens` defeated West Bromwich 3-1 at Etihad Stadium and the Reds lost their visit to Tottenham Hotspur. Fernandinho (19 `), Kevin de Bourne (68 `) and Sergio Aguero (89 `) materialized the better game of Josep Guardiola`s selection. The record new addition of `citizens` Eimerik Laporte, who yesterday officially finalized his transfer, was the titleholder today. Bernardo Silva started at the injured Lorey Sane, and the 21-year-old Oleksandr Zincchenko started again.

Johnny Evans was not in the UBA group because of a stretch. The new addition, Daniel Sturridge, who was borrowed from Liverpool, remained on the bench for the start, but debuted for the `thrushes` in the 78th minute. Gareth Barry was among the reserves, but appeared in a game adviced by footballcapper in the 33rd minute and entered the history of the Premier League, becoming the first player with 650 league matches. Jay Rodriguez and Jose Salomon Rondon have taken the lead.

Manchester City categorically defeated its rival before the break, but came to just one goal. In the 19th minute Kevin de Bruyne brought a very good Pass Fernandino in the penalty area. The Brazilian shoots well in the near corner, finding the result. At the 28th minute, Foster saved a devastating blow to De Bourne, and four minutes later the Belgian shot from the border of the penalty area met the crossbar. In the 37th minute, Ben Foster again killed a dangerous jerk on De Bodein.

The unpleasant news for Pep Guardiola during this first half was that David Silva was injured and forced to be replaced five minutes before the break. Ilkay Gundogan came in for him. At the beginning of the second part, Stirling missed a great opportunity after receiving from Gundogan, adjusted the ball to his right foot but fired inches off the far corner. In the 52nd minute, Foster saved Aguero.

In the 68th minute the logical happened. Playing his next great game, De Broene made double against Stirling, then finished the attack, which he started 2-0. A few minutes later, the Belgian attempted to transfer Foster out of over 40 meters, who had come forward, but the guards returned in time and slaughtered. In the 80th minute, Walker`s shot over the door, and a minute before the end Sergio Aguero received from Stirling and transferred from a small angle Foster, shaping the final result. Manchester City has 68 points and 73 goals scored in the Premier League. West Bromwich remains in last place in the standings with 20 points.


Blog of football betting tips