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Tension to the last, but joy for Barca in the debut of Coetinius

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The King of Cup winner of Barcelona did not surprise and continued the defense of the trophy. The Catalan Grand Prix won 2:0 against a city rival in the 1/4-finals of the tournament and eliminated it after losing 0:1 a week ago. Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi scored the goals in the first half hour, and after the break, Camp Nou saw the long-awaited debut of Philippe Coettinho. Barcelona has controlled the game all the time, but failed to solve everything with a third goal and at the end had to tremble. There was also a controversial situation in the blagranas penal field, but in general Espanyol did almost nothing on the offensive.

The duel will also be remembered with the weak judging of Antonio Matheus Laos, who showed 4 yellow cards for both teams, although the ratio had to be very different due to the rough play of the guests, especially in the second half. Messi and Luis Suarez were the biggest threat to the `parrot` door. The chances for a transfer came from Alaish Vidal, who was on the right flank. Reconstructed Andres Iniesta, Sergio Buscques and Ivan Rakitic added Barza`s midfield. The four defenders before Jasper Silesian were Sergi Roberto, Samuel Umtiti, Gerard Picke and Jordi Alba.

Among the reserves of Ernesto Valverde were the new entries Kouttinho and Jeri Mina. Paulinho also did not start from the first minute.

Espanyol suffered a heavy home loss of 0:3 from Sevilla on the weekend, but all of the team`s thoughts were focused on the upcoming clash this evening. Senior coach Kike Sanchez Flores bet on a scheme with one forward in the face of Gerard Lopez, and a deep midfield. Esteban Gernero and Sergi Darder played on the wings, and the winner of the winning match of the weekend Oscar Melindo was a reserve.

Losing the stadium of Espanyol was the first for Barca since August and the first for the city rival for nearly 9 years. The Blaugranas, however, had only one defeat in their last 45 households and were confident they would wipe their liabilities. In addition, Barcelona was in a series of 10 consecutive victories on their own against `parrots`. Before the first referee`s announcement, Barca`s players and fans farewell to Javier Mascherano, who will continue his career in China. The Argentine was accompanied by his family and was visibly excited by the applause and chanting of his name.

The anticipated early pressure of the Los Cules was a fact and the defense of Espanyol quickly gave signs of panic. At the first dangerous attack, the visitors deflected a corner and cleared it off, but the goal was not delayed. In the 9th minute, Messi brought Ales Vidal to the flank and his perfect centering was spotted by Suarez, who headed the ball into the door. The guest warden Pau Lopez is late with his exit and is responsible for the attack. After the goal, Sanchez Flores`s footballers tried to move the game mentioned by football betting partners to a higher position and several times held in close proximity to Barca`s penalty area, but their only shot in those minutes was utterly inaccurate. In the middle of the half-time, Messi rose to 2:0 after a new defensive defeat. Initially he lost the ball, n?

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