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Watzke thinks only Bayern and Dortmund are competitive among the German teams

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The Executive Director of Borussia Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke is troubled by the international competitiveness of the football in the Bundesliga.

`When a German club mentioned by football betting tips meets with an English club, it becomes increasingly difficult, even against Spanish clubs it is hard. Celta Vigo, Villarreal, Valencia, and Sevilla are machines with results.`, Watzke said.

The financial resources can be the explanation why the Bundesliga is going down, but Watzke thinks that the problem is more serious.

This season Freiburg lost the playoff for an entry into the Europa League against the Slovenian Domzale.

`It is even more disturbing that we lose more often against teams with far less financial resources than we have. That is a huge problem for the ranking of UEFA.`, said the 58-year-old head of Borussia Dortmund.

Hoffenheim failed to enter the Champions League groups after losing in the playoffs against Liverpool, as Germany usually has four representatives. The prolonged failure of teams from the Bundesliga on the European scene, however, could threaten that fourth place.

`Clubs, who play in the Europa League, need to understand that points for Germany are always needed (in the ranking of the UEFA CUP). In addition to Bayern Munich and Dortmund, they should be able to achieve results and to be consistent.`, Watzke said.

Blog of football betting tips