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In Spain:Cristiano is for the prison, there are people with lighter offenses

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Spain`s second-largest newspaper, El Mundo, claims Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be in jail if the indictment against him on tax evasion is proven. The media have received access to the accusations that the Spanish Treasury has raised to the player of Real Madrid. According to them, the winner of the Golden Ball has saved taxes amounting to about 15 million euros. El Mundo points out that he is currently sentencing people who have been convicted of the same offense, but at significantly lower rates. There is such an example of a person found guilty of tax fraud worth 125, 000 euros. The general attitude is that even if he is convicted, Cristiano will not find himself behind bars because of his popularity. Under Spanish law, sentences up to 2 years are conditional.

The judicial authorities have denied the Portuguese about knowingly setting up a special structure to cover its income rights for image rights. The company network was built in 2010 and through it CR7 has damaged the state treasury of Spain between 2011 and 2014.

Ronaldo refused to plead guilty to a deal and now things go to court.

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