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Former Spanish soccer boss spoke about the possible removal of Spain from the World Cup 2018

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RFEF President Maria Maria Vijayar, who has been removed from office, believes that the government will be held responsible if the national team are excluded from the World Cup in Russia next year, El Pais reports. `The top sports council alone should be held responsible if Spain were removed from the World Cup, ` said Vieiyr, and stressed that FIFA is currently only monitoring the country`s processes, and the risk is serious, and the government itself pushes the country to risk.

A few weeks earlier, FIFA warned that it could pull out Spain from the 2018 World Cup because of the government`s interference in the work of the football federation. However, Prime Minister Mariano Rahoy announced that there was no room for concern about the participation of La Roche in the World Cup in Russia. Viyar himself was removed from the position of President of the Federation by a decision of the Sport Council of Spain, where corruption charges were made.

This council, which is a state body, recommends that new presidential elections be organized. FIFA interprets this decision as an interference with the federal affairs. The president of the Spanish Football Federation is already suspected of taking bribes and organizing a controlled vote in FIFA elections in countries of other regional confederations.

Blog of football betting tips