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Werder missed Mainz after a goal in the 93rd minute

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The teams of Werder (Bremen) and Mainz 05 finished 2-2 in a match via football betting odds of the 17th round of the German First Bundesliga. The authors of the hits for the Bremen musicians were Philip Bargfrede (2) and Ishak Belfodil (17). Robin Quaison (70) and Fabian Fry (90 + 3) scorched the hosts and Mainz fought for a point.

In the second minute, Philip Bargfrede, with a perfect shot from the arc of the penalty area, stretched the net behind Robin Centener.

In the sixth minute, Mainz`s Levin Oostunnick hit the crossbar and in the 17th Ishak Belfodil was up for 2:0. The Algerian striker shifted Canthner`s head.

In the 70th minute, Robin Quaison made a mockery of Werder and reduced to 1:2, and in the 93rd minute Fabian Fry with a cold blow from the air was correct for 2:2.

Werder ranks 16th in the standings with 16 points. Mainz is just above the danger zone - 15th with 17 points.



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