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The new scandals around Donnarumma hurt everyone involved

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Milan needed what a condom factory needed a hedgehog.
The team is currently 7th in Serie A, 11 points (14 in the defeat of Roma in the post-game) of the WCH of the table. UEFA has not yet announced whether it will give the club the right to participate in European tournaments analyzed by paid betting tips next year, and if it does not, it will impose an agreement that would limit the spending on new players and may also bring fine and other restrictions.
Then there is a turn of the situation around the property. The club is also actively looking for new investors and a new bank to refinance the monstrous loan, due in October next year. And if that is not enough, a scandal about the most valuable asset of the line -18-year-old goalkeeper Canluigi Donnarumma.
Lawyers of the super-talented goalkeeper have written to the club with the statement that the extension of his contract signed this summer has been under pressure and the impact of stress. If they bring the case to arbitration (and win), the contract will cease to be in force and Jijo will be a free agent in June. Moreover, it turned out that the default on the dissolution clause in the new contract -;EUR 70 million for Milan`s Champions League and 40 million for non-classification -;in fact it has never been registered in the Italian Professional Football League.
In other words, the situation can be described as a gigantic chaos in order not to use a more indecent word. So how did we get here?

The fairy tale started a little more than a year ago. Making his debut at the age of 16 for Milan and a few months later for the men`s national team in Italy, Donarama then played with his original teen contract with an annual salary of about 50, 000 euros. And rosiners, of course, were pushing to give him a new contract because it ran in June 2018. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding the club (Li Yonhoon eventually made the purchase of Milan for 740 million euros, but after the paid deposit two missed the deadline for the transfer of the entire amount) the agent of the player;Mino Raiola, postponed negotiations with the clear consciousness that the more his client approached his Bosman status, the stronger his position became.
Things were so bad that in June (although in the meantime Li took control of the club thanks to Megazem from Elliot Management), Rayolas came to the point of saying that Donnarumma would not re-sign. This made some of the typhoons call their former favorite Dollaruma, while Swedish fans fouled him with counterfeit dollar banknotes during the European Youth Championship to 21.
A month later, in July, a deal was nevertheless made after Milan did everything possible to convince the talent and his family. Jijo signed up for another four years until 2021, gaining a huge salary increase of about EUR 12 million gross, and his older brother Antonio (also a goalkeeper) also re-signed as a free agent against about EUR 2 million a year. Add the above-mentioned breakdown clause. And here things broke out in two different directions.

The first concerns the clause itself. For reasons we can only speculate about, she was never registered

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