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Dortmund coach:I did not see such a first half

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Coach Peter Boss has no explanation for Borussia`s weak performance (Dortmund) at the home of Werder (Bremen), which was lost by 1:2. So far I had not seen such an unconvincing first half for us, `said the specialist to Sky. - I`m the one who leads the team and I take the blame. The Dutchman did not attack any of his team. I do not feel betrayed by the players. Right now, however - immediately after the end of such a fight, it is not time for a serious conversation with the players, Boss added.

Captain Marcel Schmelzer was much finer in his words:Shameless play on our side. For weeks now I have been saying that we are not communicating with each other, but just letting things go and that`s why. I have no explanation of how we can assume that, `said the defender.

Striker Andrew Shurle sought the guilt in himself and his colleagues on the pitch. The coach has nothing to do when we fail to achieve ourselves, the world champion said.

Blog of football betting tips