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The deal for Neymar is the visible peak of a huge industry

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Football transfers have been catapulted from the sporting pages of the leading global media news this year when Paris Saint-Germain improved or nearly blunted the world record in the summer to steal the Brazilian star Neymar from Barcelona. The French club paid $ 222 million ($ 260 million or ? 200 million) for the player - more than twice as much as the previous record when Paul Pogba returned to Manchester United from Juventus for 89 million pounds in August 2016. This notorious deal, however, was only the very visible peak of a huge industry, namely the international trading of footballers, increasingly becoming a global business. The latest data from FIFA, the governing body of this sport, shows that there have been 15 291 international transfers so far this year, for which a record $ 6 billion (? 58 billion) has been spent. In the case of international transfers, a player moves from one side to one on the other, in contrast to the one in which the competitor changes his club membership in the same country. This record figure, which is unlikely to change until the end of the year, as the transfer windows in the biggest European Championships will be reopened only at the end of January, represents a 25% increase compared to 4, 8 billiondollars spent last year. China has unleashed the purse
`There are two driving factors behind the big spending, ` says Harry Phillip, a football finance expert at Portland Advisers, a London-based consulting firm. The first is the appearance of China and the huge sums of transfers they are willing to pay, and the second - the money that the teams of the Premier League of England can give thanks to their increasingly profitable TVThese factors increase the value of the global market. `Indeed, Chinese clubs have spent the huge $ 451 million for players last year - an increase of 168%. This puts them fifth in the world after England, where the teams have spawned 1, 37 billion dollars for global stars, Germany, Italy and Spain.

`The rapid growth rates (of Chinese spending) are unprecedented, ` FIFA notes. `One of the key goals driving China`s transfer is to raise the overall level of football in the country so that its national team can only qualify for the World Cup for the second time in its history since its debut in 2002. `There is a tremendous increase in Chinese football investment over the last few years, driven by President Zinpin`s plans to turn China into a big football country - one that can host and eventually win World CupChampionship.

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Chinese clubs by football livescore invest almost only in European players, but not necessarily Europeans. Many of its winners in East Asia are South Americans. FIFA data show that Brazil and Argentina are the countries with the most transfers in the world. `No matter how her national team is presented, Br?

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