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Federer: A disappointing loss, but I had an incredible season

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Roger Federer shared his disappointment after the loss of David Goffen in the semi-finals in London. The Belgian surprisingly won 2: 6, 6: 3, 6: 4 in the ATP Finals. `It is disappointing, but he played very hard, and the key point was at the start of the second set, ` he said, `and he started playing better, he did not make much mistakes, and my level fell, ` Federer said after the game. He added, however, that this loss was a bit of a disappointment amid the fantastic season: `It was an incredible year for me, so happy to play at this level from start to finish. ` It`s a bit disappointing to end this way, but today`s result by footballcapper is less important if I look at the whole season, and I`m very happy with the season. `Roger also commented on the chances of Gophen for a triumph in London:` Of course he can get to the title. he did not beat me for pleasure and surrender to the final. `

Federer talks about his plans, saying he is looking forward to next season, when Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka and several other top tennis players will return to the court. `Now I will not rest six months, as last year and two or three weeks, and I hope I will play well in Australia, ` said the Swiss, `I can not wait to get there again, ` said the player who wasvery high in the rankings, they have won the Helmets, such as Stan, Andy and Novak, big things, perhaps not from the very beginning, but I will not be surprised if they come to them, too, Rafa, so . . . The others, I do not know what their problems are. I hope Kay, Tomas, Milos find the way back to Tura and I prefer to be in Australia because thatit would be an epic return to everyone, then add the new ATP finals who made a great season, and they are confident they want to stay in the top 10 to qualify for the final tournament again. awesome and I look forward to it. `


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