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Barca players take everything normal, says the coach

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In the turmoil for Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia, day players and coaches of the football team have kept calm yet. Earlier today, the local parliament voted to secede from Spain, where the central government in Madrid responded by freezing the autonomy of the region.

For now, football players accept what`s happening, as we and coaches do, said mentor Ernesto Valverde. The club announced that they would not make a formal statement on the subject.

Tomorrow los cules is visiting the team of coach Athletic Bilbao, but all the thoughts of Gerard Pique and his teammates are focused on the events in Barcelona. There, in other cities in the area, thousands gathered in the squares to celebrate and simultaneously protest the government. `I want to focus on our commitment to sport, ` added Valverde. `Yes, we keep track of everything, but things change every five minutes. It is logical that the football club analyzed by football betting tips can leave La Liga, to which the coach replies: `This has not happened and I do not want to talk about assumptions. The reality is that we are coming to a match, and my task is to prepare the team for it to win.

Valverde expects a heavy clash in Bilbao. Matches against Barca always motivate Athletic. This is a classic for the championship. But now I`m on the side of Barcelona. Overall, we are entering a heavy series of fights, but we feel good, we are in shape and we have the necessary confidence and desire to do it, `said the coach. The match of San Mamas is tomorrow at 21:45.

Blog of football betting tips