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Anywhere in the Internet you can find information about sports betting, as well as ready-made analysis. But how to make your own football picks almost as you are a professional? We\'re not saying
to pre-qualify in football handicapper, but we believe that if you put enough time and effort, they
will be compensated with regular profit. According " first and most important ‘rule’ is to gather really much information about the team. More details mean that your chance to make a successful football predictions increases significantly.

What information is important? The answer is simple and concise – any information is relevant. Selecting such data is not something you can be taught of, but you will understand what exactly do to thanks to the experience gained with the passage of time. Different factors have different ‘weight’ in preparing your soccer tips. For example, if the team captain is injured, then this is much more important than if there is a backup player injured;

The following are of particular importance and you should consider them absolutely always:

- Injured players – never bet on matches if you don’t have that information;

- Red and yellow cards – it is the same as for the injuries;

- Problems in the team – there are a lot of factors for them. For instance, there were problems between the owners and coaches of Liverpool. The players were world classy, but the owners
were all the time against the manager. That led to incredible bad results for the team, which definitely affected the football picks made by the fans. Then new owners and a new coach
came and the results instantly changed radically, although players became fewer.

- Scandals with the players – often many top players relegated to various scandals, beatings, family problems with their mate or something like that. This affects their game;

- Rumors – you have to decide whether to trust rumors or not, when making your soccer picks.
We recommend you to stay away from information which is not proved to be true.

We provide you an example of soccer prediction for the upcoming meeting of the UEFA European
Championship: Poland-Scotland on 14.10.2014, in Poland. See what info we have included in it:

The Polish team is the leader in Group D at the moment with 2 wins from 2 rounds, and their goal difference is impressive: 9-0! Poland won against the world champion Germany on the weekend, and
this will give tremendous confidence in the players and we think that next time they will play to the fullest. The Scottish players rely on defensive tactics. They have a loss and a win in the last two rounds and we are sure they will show us a good defense, which is unlikely to last a full game. We think that the hosts are absolute favourite for all three points. Our football prediction - 1.

Blog of football betting tips